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The Brilliant Joanne Elphinston Conducts her JEMS Courses in Melbourne in February 2015

Begin 2015 in the Best Possible Way with Leading International Performance Consultant, Physiotherapist & Author Joanne Elphinston Joanne Elphinston, based in the UK, will be conducting Parts 1 & 2 of her 4 Part JEMS Movement Analysis, Rehabilitation & Training (ART) Courses to Melbourne Australia            Fascinated By Movement or Think You’d […]

Athletic Groin Pain Workshop in Melbourne

Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre are conducting an Excellent workshop in Melbourne. Title: Athletic Groin Pain – A Multi-faceted Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment Presenters: Internationally recognised practitioners from the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller: Director of Rehabilitation and Research Dr Eanna Falvery: Director of Sports Medicine Mr Enda King: Head of […]

Great Interview with Movement Consultant Joanne Elphinston

Click here to watch this great interview with Physiotherapist, Movement Consultant, Author and Teacher Joanne Elphinston with Dr Perry Nickelston http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovUfm-yXqo4&feature=youtu.be Joanne talks about the 2nd edition of her book “Stability Sport & Performance Movement” and describes how she develops an effective strategy to optimise movement. The listener can really appreciate how Joanne views functional […]

Great Discussion on Tendinopathy from the British Journal of Sports Medicine

If you have wondered about the connection between pain and pathology in tendons, this podcast from BJSM is for you. Jill Cook acts as faciliator in this great discussion. Chris Littlewood, who has expertise as a clinician and researcher in the rotator cuff, asks questions of Craig Purdam, head of Physiotherapy at the Australian Institute […]

Webinar with Rob Granter on Low Back Pain, Myofascial Vacuum Cupping & Fascia April 30th 9 pm

FREE EVENT Join us at 9pm April 30th (EST Australia) for a webinar discussion on 3 courses that I, Rob Granter, am presenting in Sydney on May 18th & 19th 2013 with Geoff Walker as the convenor. We will be discussing Low Back pain, Myofascial Vacuum Cupping and The recent explosion of interest in the […]

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